July 30, 2010 - 5:08pm

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In this episode, the panelists (Ron Evans, Matt Campbell, Maris Smith and special guest panelist Tim Roberts talk about the benefits of using CRM systems to look at your patron data in different and useful ways.

NAMPRadio Recommends:

  • Matt recommends: Made to Stick : Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. The 6 basic principles of what makes an idea (read: marketing campaign) "sticky," plus tips on how to put the principles into practice. Co-written by a Stanford Graduate School of Business professor (who isn't giving me kickbacks for plugging his book....). You might also want to visit the Heaths' own site .
  • Ron recommends: His video editing program, Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum as an inexpensive but full-featured video editor for Windows platforms.
  • Tim recommends: SpamDrain , a hosted Spam solution to solve the problem of the volume of Spam and virus laden messages when collecting email on an iPhone.
  • Maris recommends: Screengrab for Firefox as a tool to capture screengrabs of your sites (just for the Firefox internet browser though)

Outro music: “Greenwood Woman'” featuring singer/songwriter Arthur Hinds. Find out more about this artist via his homepage: or his page on the Podsafe Music Network:

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