December 20, 2010 - 11:08am

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Ron Evans, Matt Campbell, and Maris Smith talk with Dmitri Matheny,, awesome jazz artist and super self-promoter. Dmitri talks about the day-to-day grind for individual artists having to promote themselves, highlighting some of his best practices and how he's created relationships over the years that have built into a powerful following.

NAMPRadio Recommends:

  • Matt recommends: Mountain Dew introduces new banner advertising using the Facebook API -- when you click on the "like" button, it ads you to the Mountain Dew business page, without taking you away from the site you're watching the ad on. Good stuff. 
  • Maris recommends:Google Moderator -- you open up the topic, and then other people can vote the content up or down by popularity, date, etc.
  • Ron recommends: -- electronic press kit service and Dmitri recommends
  • Dmitri recommends: -- cool blog by Derek Sivers, all about music and business

Outro music: “Country” by Dmitri himself, with his partner in crime, Darrell Grant! Find out more about the CD and the guys.

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Just heard the web cast & I really enjoyed it. I have 3 children in the Cleveland School of the Preforming Arts. My Son is a Senior, I have a daughter in 1st grade & second daughter in kindergarten. While listening I shared the link with my son, clicked follow Nampradio on facebook & still wrote down most of the excellent information that Dmitri Matheny shared.

My son Jovan is a Jazz Major, he plays Trombone & he's awesome at it. Jovan is only 3 months past his 18th birthday & he's already played Big band in a year long gig with a very diverse group of seasoned pros. He's gotten scholarships through Case Western Reserve, & 3 other community Colleges. The County has used him for numerous scheduled events , funerals of Public Official, as well as Jazz in the park. He reads & writes music, and he also plays Keyboard He has even brought a set of drums home that the school let him have.

Jovan has applied at Berklee In Boston, University of Miami & Northwestern in Illinois. He's very focused, and eager to finish High school so that he can get started on his journey. He told me that he believes Miami has the best music program, Northwestern has the best Instructor & Berklee turns out the best musicians.

Being that I'm not a musician, He knows much more than I do. Do you have any advice that might be helpful to him.

If so, contact him via email or me Linda Williams at

Thanking you n advance

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