NAMPRadio, the official podcast of the National Arts Marketing Project is a monthly 45-minute show covering marketing and technology trends of interest to the field. The show is hosted by arts consultant Ron Evans of, and chaired by panelists Matt Campbell of Stanford Lively Arts, and Maris Smith of Situation Interactive. Each episode also features a special guest artist who is connected to the topic. The shows have featured in-depth discussion on relevant topics such as online ticketing/CRM, CMS websites, Working with the Press, Arts Administration Degrees, and a variety of other topics. We're always looking for new topics, guest speakers, and feedback on the show -- if you've got an idea, contact us at Hope you enjoy the show!

NAMPRadio Episode 23: "Tweeting As Your Book's Main Character"

March 3, 2014 - 12:01pm

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Theme of the Episode: A listener recently asked Ron if he could cover marketing ideas for other types of art forms, and so we explore that in this episode, talking about book publishing! In this episode, Ron talks with Rebecca Wallace, a writer and editor who has written a new book "Smiling At Strangers," and how she has used Twitter to tweet as her main character as a unique way to market her story and connect with her audience. More info on Rebecca's book can be found on her website,, and you can follow her main character, Catherine, at

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