13 Social Media Infographics Every Marketer Needs to SeeLast year, we created our first edition of 13 Social Media Infographics Every Marketer Needs to See. Since then, the creation and distribution of infographics has exploded and become the most widespread and effective form of visual communication of data and statistics. This is especially beneficial for arts marketers, who relish in the ability to absorb data through creatively illustrated patterns, trends, and relationships.

Since our first e-book, we've seen the rise of some new influential players in the game of social media, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. As such, we are back with 13 more timely, more chic, and more instructive infographics to give you this year's biggest trends and best practices for staying ahead of the digital marketing curve.

In this e-book, 13 Social Media Infographics That Every Marketer Needs to See, Volume 2, you will:

  • Find out how this year's social media practices have given rise to the "Slacktivist" phenomenon
  • Stop grappling with whether or not there is measurable ROI in social media
  • Learn how marketers can use Pinterest, the hottest social media site on the web, to their advantage
  • Take a ride on the Instagram wave and its incredible growth among users
  • Cultivate an appreciation for non-profits that believe in social media despite limited budgets


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