Sha Hwang

Gifpop and Meshu
Brooklyn, New York

Sha Hwang, an artist and successful entrepreneur, works to make complex datasets and systems more human. Currently, he works as a designer and technologist with a team in helping fix Previously, Sha designed and built work for clients such as the New York Times, the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, CNN, MTV, Flickr, and Adobe. Sha also worked at Stamen Design and cofounded the company Movity, which was later acquired by the real estate company Trulia. Sha has also explored his interests in fabrication, digital art, and culture with companies like Meshu and Gifpop. Sha will close out the 2014 Conference by talking to you about data, its roles and responsibilities, and the ways to engage with the many futures of arts cultures online.


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Steve Stoute

Founder & CEO
New York, New York

Steve Stoute is an expert at helping Fortune 500 companies thrive in popular culture, so it’s no surprise that he was among Fast Company’s 2014 Most Creative People in Business and awarded Executive of the Year by Advertising Age (2013). His acclaimed book, The Tanning of America: How Hip Hop Created a Culture that Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy, offers insightful lessons for understanding and engaging with today’s young adult market—what he calls “The Tan Generation.” This year, Steve will kick off the 2014 NAMP Conference by demonstrating why promoting diversity in the arts is no longer a mere challenge for cultural marketers, but a prerequisite for survival and continued relevance in today’s pop culture obsessed world. You’ll leave with strategies and best practices for bringing the arts to today’s diverse young adult market.

Photo credit: Len Irish

Elizabeth Streb

Extreme Action Architect/Founder
STREB Extreme Action
Brooklyn, New York

Elizabeth Streb is an internationally acclaimed contemporary movement artist. Her choreography, which she calls "POPACTION," challenges us rethink the interface between people, technology, and society. In her Brooklyn studio, SLAM (STREB Lab for Action Mechanics), she maintains the belief that art must be for the broad public, rather than the elite few. Elizabeth will keep the conference momentum going by teaching us how arts professionals can deliver futuristic artistic experiences —through community engagement, innovative marketing strategies, and new ways about thinking about art in space. Elizabeth will inspire us to create and market art that is inclusive yet unconventional; accessible yet meaningful.

Photo Credit: Tom Caravaglia

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