Plugging In: Digital Marketing Strategy for a New Era

Over the last 10 years, how people communicate has changed faster than any other time in human history.  However, many arts organizations have not evolved their priorities or efforts to fully reflect this change. Mobile devices, social networks, and search engine marketing were certainly not on any conference agendas even 10 years ago, but now they are all critical channels for reaching constituents.

As arts marketers, it can be daunting to keep on top of all of these changes and position your organization for success across ever-evolving digital platforms. Using research and case studies from visual and performing arts organizations, we will provide guidelines and strategies for evolving your organization in the digital age as well as actionable tips to focus and bolster your digital marketing. The sessions explore best practices in social media, web analytics, website strategy, digital advertising, content creation, search engine marketing, and mobile best practices. There will be takeaways for both digital novices and experienced practitioners.

Strategic Marketing Leadership from the Middle

Join Jerry Yoshitomi (MeaningMatters LLC, CA), Ceci Dadisman (Palm Beach Opera, FL), Christy Farnbauch (Ohio Arts Council, OH) and Joseph Yoshitomi (Geffen Playhouse, CA) for this energizing think-tank designed for arts marketers looking to “lift off” from mid-level leader status, take on increased responsibility/authority and take a strategic role in solving arts marketing's most persistent issues.

Learn more about systemic issues facing the field and improve strategic leadership skills to lead new thinking in marketing and other practices within your organization and beyond. You’ll leave with specific plans of action and methods to bring back to your team to chart a new course with a path that is right, a rationale that is airtight, and a determination that is steadfast.

*this preconference is capped at 100 people.