Intensifying Engagement - Hear about audience engagement models currently pioneering the field or breaking the mold. Filled with hands-on workshops and panel discussions, Intensifying Engagement sessions will give you the practical tools and tips for improving your work in areas like storytelling, audience diversification, brand enhancement through the participatory arts, innovative tactics for community engagement, and more!

Energizing Technology - Technology is a game-changing force when it comes to marketing the arts. These sessions capitalize on the audio-visual nature of cutting-edge media and digital technologies. Market and promote your organization better by hearing from experts in the field about new best practices in digital advertising, data mining, the ever-evolving social media landscape, wearable technology, and much more.

Stimulating Revenue - Stimulating Revenue sessions get down and dirty into all matters related to money. These sessions will give you practical skills and strategies to ensure that our financial futures are sustainable. Hear about new pricing structures, measuring impact, and for the first time, hear two national experts debate the best predictor of future patron behavior.

Un-Sessions - Un-Sessions provide you with two unique flexible learning formats choose which is most relevant and meaningful for you. Throughout the program, we’ve sprinkled 75-minute community forums—reciprocal dialogues where you can expect no lectures or PowerPoint presentations. You’ll also find quick, 30-minute case studies aligned with the weekend’s networking breaks. If the case studies aren’t exactly for you, re-charge and re-caffeinate while networking with friends in CenterStage.