Intensifying Engagement - In these sessions, hear about engagement models that pioneering the field or are perhaps “outside of the box.” Intensifying Engagement sessions will allow attendees to learn the practical tools and tips for topics such as diversifying audiences, participatory arts, creating a stellar customer experience, brand sustainability, messaging, and more. Through these professional development sessions led by top audience engagement specialists in the field, you'll view engagement ideas and strategies through a newer, more active lens.

Energizing Technology - Technology is a game-changing force when it comes to marketing the arts. These sessions capitalize on the audiovisual nature of cutting-edge media and digital technologies. Market and promote your organization better by hearing from experts in the field about new best practices in mobile marketing, data sharing, the ever-evolving social media landscape, and much more.

Stimulating Revenue - Stimulating Revenue sessions get down and dirty into all matters related to money. These sessions will give attendees practical skills and strategies to ensure that our financial futures are sustainable. Focusing on all aspects of revenue streams for the arts; learn how financial stability coupled with artistic vibrancy will carry us forward. Hear about newest pricing structures, measuring value, and fundraising trends from leading practitioners.